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Solemnity vs. Feast vs. Memorial: All is Explained in This One Great Infographic

wow… it’s been waaay too long

So, I haven’t updated since Holy Week. Apologies. Hopefully, if you’re even remotely interested in this website, you’re also watching our facebook page. i’ve been better with that.

Important dates, etc to remember:

> BOTH Mondays AND Tuesdays at 2:00 PM this semester will be our regular Newman Student Outreach meetings in room 222H Public Service Bldg on the campus of OSU Lima/Rhodes. The Monday meetings will be more formal, discussing business (planning events, future meeting topics, etc.) while the Tuesday meetings are going to be more formative and prayerful. We have the room reserved from 8am to 4pm, so if anyone just wants to use it as a place to hang out in between classes, it will be available to you.

> UNOH Move in Weekend is Aug 21-23. St. Charles Campus Ministry MIGHT be involved with that event in some way this year, but details are not known at this time.

> OSU’s first day of class is Aug 25th

> Rhodes’ first day is Aug 26th

> Our first NSO meeting days will be Aug 31 and Sept 1.

> Mini Adoration Retreat is Sept 6th. This will be held at St. Charles. It will include a few talks, with Adoration (exposition and benediction), Evening prayer, and Praise and worship music.

> Recharge Retreat is Sept 12th in Carey, OH. Recharge is for college students and young adults. If interested, please let me know.

> UNOH Club Fair is Sept 15th from 11 AM to 5 PM. We will have a table for that event.

Keep an eye out on here and on the facebook page for more information!

No Theology on Tap

….Theology on Tap is on hiatus. Come to Mondays in March instead. Hosted in the church every Monday during the month of March at 7:00 pm. The schedule is as follows.

3/2 Barry McCoullough – “The Use if Technology in the Modern Day Church”

3/9 Fr. Matthew Rader – “Everything You’ve Been Dying to Know About Death and Dying”

3/16 Angie Soules – “How to Pray, How to Listen, How to Trust”

3/23 Virginia Kiracofe – “Do God’s Will in our Everyday Life-The Kingdom of God is at Hand”

3-30 Dennis Erford – “Theology of the Body”

For more information, simply fill out the form under the Contact Us tab above. Refreshments will be available after each presentation. We hope to see you there!